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Causes a Neurological Disorder

Understand the many aspects of neurological disorders and begin the journey of healing with us, as we help you advance in life.

Types of Neurological Disorders

Learn more about the different types of neurological disorders in order to spread awareness and ensure that you have the right gear in place to combat covid.

Alzheimer’s disease


Multiple sclerosis

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“Their level of knowledge has helped me clarify doubts and queries about numerous things, and today I am at a position where I can lend support to my loved one”

– James S Morrissey

“I have never come across such advanced levels of research and understanding. And for all that I received, I would love to thank the incredible team at Brain Bow Project”
– Phyllis W Hinkle
“Innovation has always been a part of their services, and I am sure that in the near future, they will be able to come out with better solutions for various aspects of medication conditions”
– Alvin K Newsome

A New Generation Of Neuroprosthetics

Studies of healthy and lesioned in vitro neuronal circuits are presented in parallel to the development of in silico neuronal networks, which will be exploited to establish a bi-directional communication with the injured neuronal network. Read more.

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